About Us

The projects carried out by FAYSEL Construction are used without any problems in various countries, especially in Karshı / Uzbekistan, Bagram / Afghanistan and Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan, where the US Military bases are located, and have been appreciated by both technical engineers and base officials. As FAYSEL İnşaat, apart from the US bases, we have also successfully completed the works of Dubai government buildings, NATO buildings and Schools and Health Centers in the Kyrgyz Republic under the umbrella of UN aid. NOBEL PHARMACEUTICALS has built its Tashkent production factory in accordance with the standards and put it into use. Just as we have carried out the construction of cotton processing facilities in the Karshi and Sirdarya regions of Uzbekistan, belonging to INDORAMA ENERGY PTE LTD., we also successfully continue the Infrastructure Sewerage Korean Pipe laying work of DJIZZAX city. As FAYSEL İnşaat, it also has a team specialized in the construction of drinking water, infrastructure and purification facilities. As FAYSEL Group, we continue to build nature-friendly Industrial structures, Infrastructure, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Facilities that contribute to the economy and employment with our Technical Staff and wide machinery park.